5 Tips For Living Gluten Free and Fit-Day 1

As promised, this week I will posting a quick tip a day on living healthfully and gluten free. This is the final full week of Celiac Awareness Month. There has been an incredible amount of great information provided this month. I hope that is has been helpful to the 95% of undiagnosed celiacs as well as the 5% diagnosed.

Gluten Free

Today’s Quick Tip:

*Have a Mindset of Abundance*

Celiac Disease can be a disturbing diagnosis.  As much as we may be relieved to find the cause of why we feel so sick, there may be a sense of : “What?!  I can’t eat what?!?”

This can lead us to a mindset of loss, and create negative feelings.  It’s normal to feel a sense of loss-we are, after all, giving up a large number of foods.

But we’re not giving up an even larger number of foods, by far.

So grieve your favorite gluten filled foods, have a symbolic burial ceremony if needed, and move on.

Explore the world of meats, cheese, rices, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, exotic oils and ancient gluten free grains.  (There’s over 100,000 different variations of rice-who woulda thunk it?)

Your attitude in many ways shapes your thoughts-after all, perception is reality in many cases.

Look at Celiac Disease as a blessing in disguise.

Look at all the food that you can eat.

And enjoy your gluten free food with an attitude of abundance.

Tomorrow, Tip #2.

In the meanwhile, check out Gluten Free and Fit 101 for some good stuff.

And grab your free (gluten free!) nutrition guide.

Share your tip below!  We all have great information to share-don’t be shy.

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