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The NFCA's "A Blogger A Day" in Honor of Celiac Awareness Month

The NFCA’s “A Blogger A Day” in Honor of Celiac Awareness Month

Yes, I know.   Here it is, over midway thru May, and I’ve not even mentioned the “c” word. No, not that one.  The “Celiac Awareness” word. Here’s a very brief rant on why.  To me, every freaking day is celiac awareness day.  Every day I do my level best to educate and inspire, for […]

Gluten Free Protein Bar Review-VixiBars

What would happen if a Larabar and a container of whey protein powder had a baby? I have to admit I’ve pondered this question.  I know, I’m weird. I’m OK with it. I’ve also had that combination more than once when I’ve been stuck without a “real food” meal.  Both of these items are shelf […]

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make...Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins?!?!?

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make…Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins?!?!?

Yes, indeed. As I mentioned in my last post, things have been quite hectic in the household with health related issues, and then I had surgery on both knees last Friday. The surgery was to remove “loose bodies” (loose pieces of ick floating around that were getting stuck in painful spots) and assess the condition […]

Good Food is Love

Good Food is Love

You may have noticed my absence from the blog. We have had a family member who has been quite ill, and spending lots of time at the hospital. Whenever we’re not working, we’ve done our best to be available. Writing a post has, quite frankly, been quite low on my priority list. But today, I […]

Catching Up-Gluten Free, Celiac, and Nutrition News and Notables.  Also, Oakley.

Catching Up-Gluten Free, Celiac, and Nutrition News and Notables. Also, Oakley.

Well the month of February floated right on by and I neglected to post a round up! Yikes. To give you all a brief update for everyone who had been so kindly asking about my knee, my MRI showed that I do have a loose piece of cartilage floating around as well as some additional […]

Zemas Madhouse Foods

Gluten Free Product Review-Zema’s Madhouse Foods

I seriously have a metric ton of reviews (OK, maybe not a metric ton, but quite a few) to get posted for y’all. And soon, someday, maybe, I will get to them. I did want to share Zema’s Madhouse Foods with you, before the bag that is sitting on my desk reminding me to write […]

PureFit Gluten and Dairy Free Nutrition Bars Review

PureFit Gluten and Dairy Free Nutrition Bars Review

“No Wheat, No Gluten, No Dairy” Such is the tagline for PureFit Nutrition Bars.  I was contacted by Robb Dorf, owner and creator of the Pure Fit line, to take a look at the bars and give them a taste.  Robb graciously provided samples of the bars for this review. First, a bit about what […]

Celiac and Gluten Free News and Nutrition Notables-January 2011

Celiac and Gluten Free News and Nutrition Notables-January 2011

I’ve decided that I will be doing a roundup sort of post at least monthly.  I know many of you like having these links all in one place.  Perhaps more often if there is just too much goodness for one post. Celiac and Gluten Free Goodies Rudi’s Gluten Free Bakery and their “Spread the Bread” […]

Sprout Living Superfood and Protein Powder

Sprout Living Gluten and Dairy Free Protein Powder Review

Whole foods are always a great option, but what if you need a quick hit of protein and you need something super convenient, and only have water and a shaker cup available? Then, protein powders are a good option. They are so handy in fact, I have a whole section devoted to gluten free protein […]

Brinner Gluten Free Style

The Most Important Meal of the Day-Gluten Free Brinner

Yes, that’s right.  Brinner. Just in case you have not seen this fine piece of film, I hereby share with you the clip from the notoriously funny show, “Scrubs.”  It’s totally worth the 40 seconds. My friends Kim and Kim (funnily enough, and no I did not plan that) at Cook IT Allergy Free and […]

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