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Generation Gluten Free

Review of Generation Gluten Free-the Documentary

Have you ever watched something and thought to yourself: “Ah-well, then it’s going to be just fine,” with a big sigh of relief? That’s how I felt after watching this very well done documentary on living well with celiac disease. The film’s director, Susan Cohen, also recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary of living gluten […]

ThinkThin gluten free protein bar

Think Thin Bars Review-Redux

Think Products has been one busy company. They make the gluten free snack products ThinkThin protein bars, ThinkThin dessert bars, and ThinkThin bites. I reviewed a few flavors of the Think Thin protein bars last year.  Click here to read the reviews of the Brownie Crunch, Chunky Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mudslide, and White Chocolate chip […]

Gluten and Dairy Free NuGo Trail Mix bar

NuGo Gluten Free Protein Bars-Review

I’m always keeping an eye out for snacks that have a decent nutritional profile, are gluten free, and convenient for grab-and-go. I heard about NuGo bars, and contacted the company to get some more information. NuGo Nutrition has seven product lines. Of those seven, three product lines are gluten, dairy, and soy free.  The others […]

Gluten Free Supplements Review-Rockwell Nutrition

In pursuit of finding gluten free options for supplements and vitamins, I came across Rockwell Nutrition. Rockwell Nutrition is a company that is owned and run by nutritionists and dietitians.  This is something that is unique in the supplement industry.  The company offers consulting in combination with products, so their customers can choose the proper […]

Gluten Free Protein Powder Reviews

Gluten Free Protein Powder Reviews and Recommendations (or not!) Protein powder. It can be so useful, so tasty, so convenient! It can also be completely vile tasting, or worse, make us sick due to cross-contact or hidden gluten. This page is for us all to share our experiences with protein powders, so we can learn […]

My pictures are terrible, right?!?

Custom Choice (Create your Mix) Gluten Free Cereal-Product Review

I love “make your own” type stuff. I was all about the “Choose your own Adventure” books as a kid-anybody else remember those? Custom Choice Cereal is a company headquarted in North Carolina. Hajo, one of the owner/creators is from Germany, and was inspired to create Custom Choice from a similar business in Germany based […]

Gluten Free Protein Bar Review-Zing Bars

Gluten Free Protein Bar Review-Zing Bars

Shockingly, the time has come. There is actually a nutrition bar that has a quality ingredient list, positive nutritional profile, and really good taste. Did I mention how good they taste? It’s AmaZing! (That’s actually part of the compant tagline, I can’t take credit for being that creative.) Zing bars were created by a team […]

The parade of meat...

Texas De Brazil-Gluten Free Restaurant Review at the Gluten Free Post

I have a guest post restaurant review up over at the Gluten Free Post. Thanks Jay!

Gluten Free Snack Product Review-Boomi and Prana Bars

Gluten Free Snack Product Review-Boomi and Prana Bars

Living gluten free can sometimes prove challenging to having “grab and go” type snacks. I did go over a few of my favorites in my “top 10 portable gluten free snack” article. However, I know sometimes the urge to snatch a prepackaged treat off the shelf can hit. For those occasions, the folks at Divine […]

True Protein

Gluten Free Sports Nutrition Product Review-Dairy Free edition! True Protein Gemma and Rice Protein Powders

Ah, protein powder. The words that polarize, the food product that can be a sweet treat, or a necessary evil. I have used many different brands and flavors of protein powder over the years, with varying results. Some have been great, others have had me struggling to reach the bottom of the canister. (Yet I […]

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