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Zucchini-naturally gluten free and good for you!

What do you Mean You Don’t Like Veggies?

What do you mean it’s too hard to make them taste good? It’s really not hard if you keep an open mind and take advantage of what is available. I am very lucky to have a nearby market where they feature locally grown and mostly organic produce.  I stop by there on the weekend and […]

Summertime, and the Gluten Free Grillin' is Easy...

Summertime, and the Gluten Free Grillin’ is Easy…

It’s hot here in South Florida.  Tropical hot.  Steamy hot.  Stupid hot.  Days like this, you don’t want to heat up the oven and by extension, the kitchen. And so we grill. Grilling is an incredibly easy way to get a whole bunch of flavorful and healthful food prepared at the same time. I’m a […]

The Food Revolution Marches On-and Gluten Free Coffee Cake For All!

The Food Revolution Marches On-and Gluten Free Coffee Cake For All!

Jamie Oliver’s show may be over, but the movement continues. The basic premise of the “Food Revolution” is to move toward (actually, to move back, in a way) to eating more whole, unprocessed, naturally healthful foods. Diane Eblin at The Whole Gang has organized “30 days to a Food Revolution” in which each day, a […]

Gluten free white bean chocolate chip cookies

Gluten Free Kind of Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies-really!

I have mentioned before I have a bit of a sweet tooth. OK-I have a pretty good sized sweet tooth. I have learned to keep it in check with fairly healthful things like fruit, or protein powder concoctions. (Except for my weekly ice cream splurge-that’s for reals, kids.) So when I came across this recipe, […]

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Not Really a Recipe-London Broil AKA Top Round-the Gluten Free Fit Edition

You may say to yourself-”Self-I thought London Broil was a method of cooking, not a cut of meat.” I’m right there with ya. Being a mostly health conscious person concerned about getting the most nutrition for my caloric buck, I like to learn about food. And I like to eat. And I like to eat […]

Not Really a Recipe-Gluten Free High Protein "Pancake"

Not Really a Recipe-Gluten Free High Protein “Pancake”

Everyone has some things that they do so regularly, and with so little thought, that they seem like second nature. For most of us, driving is one of those things. When we first started driving, it was really challenging, and seemed so overwhelming. After a while, it gets easier, you can turn on the radio. […]

Mmmm...more chocolate...

Gluten Free “Healthy” Treats-Kind of Recipes:Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies

I’ve mentioned before my love for chocolate. I really, really like chocolate. To the point where I don’t think I’ve ever even had a flavor of ice cream that wasn’t some kind of a riff on chocolate. Really. When I plan on having a splurge, it always involves chocolate. I follow the 90/10 rule for […]

The Superbowl-how to "tackle" it with a Gluten Free Fit perspective

The Superbowl-how to “tackle” it with a Gluten Free Fit perspective

One day is not going to make you fat. Not Christmas, not Thanksgiving, New Year, not even Superbowl. What matters is the other 359 days a year that aren’t holidays, as I touched on in my “Tips for a Healthy Gluten Free Holiday Season” post. However, these days can be a bit of a calorie […]

Not Really a Recipe-Baked Chicken Edition

Not Really a Recipe-Baked Chicken Edition

We eat a lot of poultry. I’ve mentioned before my fear of sprouting feathers and clucking. There was recently a Twitter discussion about eating chicken-and Sandra of the Gluten Free Optimist (aka Maryland Celiac) mentioned her need for more ideas for baked chicken. And a dislike of Italian Dressing, BBQ, sour cream, and mushrooms. (Did […]

Gluten Free Dairy Free Protein Bar-"Kind of a Recipe"-Trail Mix bars!

Gluten Free Dairy Free Protein Bar-”Kind of a Recipe”-Trail Mix bars!

It was time. Time to attempt a protein bar with one of the non-dairy proteins. I was a little scared, to be honest. Whey protein is very friendly when it comes to baking gluten free, and I wasn’t sure how the rice protein would react. (I decided to use the rice protein instead of gemma […]

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