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It’s been a while since we’ve had a Gluten Free Athlete Profile! As a reminder, this is an ongoing series. Don’t think you’re not an athlete, either. An athlete can have many forms and faces, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to be competitive. (With anyone other than yourself, that is.) IF you or someone you know is interested in being featured, contact me or leave a comment. Don’t be shy! Stand up and be recognized and applauded.

Next week Jon Fernandes will be our featured athlete.

We have a winner of “Gluten Free, Hassle Free.” The random number generator has selected Anna to receive a free copy of the book for sharing her goals.

So many of you have shared your goals and plans, that I am continuing the discussion on the GFF Facebook page. Thanks to all of you who responded to the survey and got me to get that up and running. (Which I’ve been able to rename! Thanks to all of you who have become “fans,” and if you haven’t yet and participate in Facebook, please go check it out. It’s at

In the Discussion Board section there’s a topic for “Goals and Accountability.”

Target your Goals for Gluten Free Success

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I encourage everyone to stop in there. Put your goals in concrete, indelible, virtual ink. Then as you progress, or as you run into challenges, share them. We can help each other stay accountable to our goals as well as provide support and encouragement. Social support is a huge part of goal achievement.

That’s what I’d like to see from that Facebook page. Not just me posting the most current stuff, but a real conversation between all of us. That’s what it’s all about, after all. It’s amazing the wonderful people I’ve “met” along this journey and never met in person.

If you feel a little unsure about your goals, just sit on it for a bit, and choose something small to start. I’m working on a series of posts that will cover goal setting in detail also.

Here’s a bit to get you started also. This post covers being at the crossroads for your goal. I covered some misconceptions that may be holding you back from your goals in this post.

You can totally do this. Just start.

If you haven’t already, check out my free nutrition guide to living gluten free to get you started. Or if you need some personal assistance, I can help there too.

Who’s in? Leave a comment with your goals, and/or see you on Facebook to get those goals down!

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  1. I have been to your site half a dozen times now, and this time I am adding it to my bookmarks :) Your posts are always relevant, unlike the same-old stuff on other sites (which are coming off my bookmarks!) Two thumbs up!

  2. Erin says:

    Thank you! Welcome!

  3. Noah Hutton says:


    I have not been officially diagnosed with celiacs yet, but my mom has it and I started on a gluten free diet almost a week ago and it has helped a lot. My problem is I am a college cross country runner on scholarship, and I haven’t been able to run for the past 2.5 hald weeks.

    I was wondering how long it usually takes for the gluten free diet to really kick in and allow me to run again like my normal self? I know it takes everybody a different amount of time to recover, but I was just wondering what the norm is?

    It has been really hard for me to keep up hope over these last two weeks since I have had stomach pains constanly for 2.5 weeks with it getting better and relapsing. And I wanted to let you know your site and Peter Bronski have helped to give me hope!

  4. Erin says:

    Hi Noah!
    Unfortunately, there is no “norm.” Not what you wanted to hear, I know. The good thing is that because of your age, you will likely recover more quickly than say, someone on their 40′s who has been eating gluten their whole life. I would think you would start to notice improvements in your running within a few months of going gluten free, six months at the most. Also, it’s important for you and your mom to coordinate with the doctors and make sure there is no more testing you need to be eating gluten for.
    Stick with eating well, get in lots of good nutrition, drink your water, and hang in there. It will get better.
    And thanks-so glad to hear that Pete and I have helped you through! Please keep me posted with how you are doing.

  5. Noah Hutton says:

    thanks for everything. I will let you know how everything goes. I hope to get the official diagnosis by the end of the week, but as of right now the earliest i could meet with the dr. about the results of my test is not untul nov 15th.

  6. Goran says:

    Hi Erin!
    I’m first time on your web site, but I notice some great content here.

    Just a short story of me. A year and half ago I was 12kg overweighted and I was diagnosed with Helicobacter Pylari. Furthermore, I was diagnosed to be intolerant to lactose, soy, peanuts and apple… This was the melting point for me. I decided to take care of my nutrition and health. After that decision I started to run (long-distance) and within one year I lost 12kg and participated on two half marathons and two short runs (10km & 5km). It helped, but still I was feeling discomfort in my stomach…

    A month ago I found out about Paleo diet and heard about Celiac disease. I decided to try Paleo diet and after two weeks I started to notice the difference. There was no discomfort in my stomach. But before the last half marathon I’ve also noticed that I was lacking energy for endurance. Then I decided to change my diet with a little bit more carbs (from rice and patatos, but no grains).

    Now I’m feeling great, no discomfort plus my endurance is back. I haven’t tested if I’m gluten intolerant yet (I only guess I’m), but since I removed gluten & lactose I don’t feel discomfort anymore and I’m able to sleep even less without being tired the whole day. If this changes I’ll do tests…

    Anyway, it’s great that you provide information about gluten-free nutrition and fitness!

    Many thanks,

  7. Erin says:

    Sounds great Noah! Keep up the great attitude-it will get better, I promise, with your great outlook.

  8. Erin says:

    Hi Goran!
    I follow a mostly Paleo-esque diet with some additions-the idea of eating whole, unprocessed food, being aware of what it does to your body is a good thing. I don’t agree with some things from the Paleo world, and like you have found that the addition of carbs helps with athletic performance. I will say though, that “paleo” doesn’t necessarily mean low carb-but that’s neither here nor there ;)
    Glad to know that you are feeling better, that is the most important thing, bar none!
    You’re very welcome and I’m glad the info has been helpful.

  9. Noah Hutton says:

    aparantly according to my test results one of the doctors i have been seeing says i don have celiacs, which is good and bad news because they still dont know what it is. I am seeing a GI specialist November 15th

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