Gluten Free Fitness and Hive Health Media

I am very happy to announce that Gluten Free Fitness is joining the Hive Health blog network as a member blog.

Hive Health Media was created to connect a diverse group of people who share the common interests of health and fitness.

The member blogs of Hive Health Media cover a wide range of  topics including but not limited to: dietary supplement reviews, evolutionary nutrition, vegan living, strength and conditioning, and mental/spiritual health and wellness.

Gluten Free Fitness now joins their ranks.
What does this mean to you, as a member of the Gluten Free Fitness community?

Nothing here will change, except maybe the look of the blog.  I may finally get around to making the blog look prettier and navigate more easily :)  No promises though.

Other than that, you will still continue to see the content you’ve grown to know and love.  More nutrition, fitness, and fun.  Always gluten free.

My association with Hive Health Media does not mean that I will agree with everything the other contributors say or write.  We all have  independent minds and opinions.  Hive Health is an aggregation of different ideas and brains, not regurgitation of the same ideas or “atta boys/girls.”

If you have a chance, please check out the other member blogs of Hive Health Media, and the articles submitted by our guest posters.  There is some great content.  You may even find a new favorite.

Specifically, I really liked this article “The House Cleaning Workout-5 Top Tips.” Those of you that have my e-book/audio system are probably snickering right now, because I threatened to come up with a housecleaning training plan.  I still may ;)  Don’t tempt me!!

Thanks for your past and continued support!

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  2. Kim says:

    How exciting, Erin! :) Love the housecleaning tips! :)

  3. Erin says:

    Thanks Kim!
    I know, I used to dislike some cleaning tasks until I realized what a good full body calorie burning activity it was ;)

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