Gluten Free Fitness and Wellness Podcast episode 07| Q&A

After that very short hiatus, Erin gets back into the swing of things with a Q&A session of Q&A provided by the GFF community.
Answered this week are:
-getting started with a healthier lifestyle
-portable and variable glutenfree foods for life on the go
-dealing with multiple food sensitivities
All of these questions and more in the latest installment of the Gluten Free Fitness and Wellness Podcast
Show Notes

GFF Podcast Episode 7-Q&A

What’s new with me and where the heck have I been
-working on the Quick Start Tips Guide (living a healthy gluten free life) coming soon! I promise by the end of May/beginning of June the manual will be available.

Q1-From Vicky: I was diagnosed with Celiac 8 years ago and am allergic to corn. Have been plugging along
not really successful in the exercise department but doing well with the GF and no corn diet. But now find I also cannot have dairy which just has thrown me for a loop. And I broke my wrist in Jan. and had surgery with two rods. Just finishing up the physical therapy on that and really don’t know just where to start on diet or exercise. I mean I can make meals but
how to be healthy/nutritious meals. And I can walk, but that has never been enough really.

a- Check out the free GF Fit 101 and nutrition guide. Walking is great, and something you can do now. Sometimes just getting started with SOMETHING is the hardest part-so start with that. Really what you eat is what has the biggest impact on how you feel and look as far as weight goes.
You mentioned that you’re finishing up with PT for your wrist-after your through with that you may consider starting some weight training. It’s crucial for maintaining strength and bone mass, especially for women as we get older. Your PT may be able to recommend some resources to learn weight training exercises with a personal trainer, if not let me know.

Q2-From Alex: First off I’d really like to let you know what a help your nutrition guide has been so far! I’m 17 years old and was just diagnosed as a celiac. It has been such a dramatic change for me, trying to deal with eating the right foods, staying fit and going through high school. Lately i have noticed that I have been eating pretty much the same meal everyday. I wake up, have a bowl of cereal with an apple around 10. For lunch i have carrots, yogurt with granola and some type of chips. Dinner usually varies, but it is starting to bother me because i know that it is extremely unhealthy for your body to only take in the same types of food. Do you have any advice for me? Its just difficult finding a type of lunch that is easy to take to school.

A-YAY for Alex! Yes you want to have as much variety in your diet as possible, but don’t stress about it. You can make small changes of similar things. For example, switch up the type of cereal you have from time to time (Custom Choice is fun), or have an orange or berries or banana instead of an apple. Portable stuff for school:
GF soup or chili on a thermos (Kettle Cuisine is a good pre-made one)
GF Deli turkey (Boar’s Head is gluten free) rolled around cheese and carrots (one of my faves!)
Leftovers from dinner-chicken, beef, anything, with salad or veggies
Cottage cheese instead of yogurt
Peanut or almond butter with apples, string cheese..
Good snacks are nuts, fruit, and really any of the stuff above.

Q3-From Monty: I struggle with my diet. I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with a gluten allergy. Since then I’ve become much more in touch with my body. The smallest amount of gluten makes me sick and takes me over a week to get back to normal. I’ve started a hard work out recently but, struggle to get the nutrients I need. I don’t like to eat because I am so miserable when I eat. I love vegetables and fruit but, not meat. I don’t tolerate many processed foods and would prefer to live off protein shakes. Any suggestions? I really want to be able to work out intense but, unable to do it now.

A-I think I will need a bit more information to be able to help you more effectively. Can you keep a food log for a couple of days, and keep notes of how you feel when you eat certain foods?
First though, I would suggest you follow up with your doctor to see if perhaps you are dealing with other food intolerance or GI issues you may not be aware of. If you are reacting to anything you eat, there may very well be another issue going on.
You said you don’t tolerate meat-is that chicken/turkey also, or just red meat? How about fish, eggs, and dairy? Beans?

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**Next podcast interview will be with Heather Fraser of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic. Send your questions to with “podcast” in the subject line.

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