Gluten Free Fitness And Wellness Podcast Episode 10: Interview with Melissa Diane Smith

Eating gluten free isn’t just reserved for those with celiac disease, and neither is eating grain free. Melissa Diane Smith, Author of “Going Against the Grain” and “Gluten Free Throughout the Year” is the guest for this episode of the Gluten Free Fitness and Wellness Podcast. Whether you have celiac disease or not, this episode has lots of great information for you to  maintain your overall health and well being.  Learn how going against the grain can be useful to more people than just those with celiac disease!

Show Notes-

In this episode of the GFF Podcast we welcome Melissa Diane Smith!

Melissa Diane Smith-Against the Grain

Melissa Diane Smith-Ridding the World of Gluten, one person at a time

  • Melissa Diane Smith is an internationally recognized nutritionist and health educator who specializes in sugar-related health conditions, including metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes and prediabetes, and grain-related conditions, including gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, other autoimmune diseases and unexplained infertility. Her philosophy is that food is our best medicine and she counsels clients long-distance over the phone and gives presentations to healthcare professional and mainstream audiences throughout the United States and Canada. She also counsels clients in-person; writes a Nutrition News & Notes newsletter; and hosts an online Going Against The Grain Group database of articles with news and food-oriented support for people who eat against the grain

In this episode, we cover:

  • Common pitfalls in the typical diet for those first diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance
  • The importance of perspective and how it can make or break you when looking at diet and dietary “restrictions”
  • How to approach finding out what foods work best for you
  • Brief explanation of lectins, what they are and how they may or may not affect us
  • Discussion of what the books Going Against the Grain and Gluten Free Throughout the Year can teach you

Listen and learn in this edu-taining episode of the GFF and Wellness Podcast!

Leave your questions and comments below!  I love to hear your thoughts!

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