Gluten Free Fitness and Wellness Podcast Episode 9: Q&A

Questions and Answers! This week Erin answers some of the questions that were sent in. From the benefit of protein powders, to managing injury, and cooking in bulk, Erin shares her insights and experience with her listeners. All this and more on this installment of the Gluten Free Fitness and Wellness podcast.

Show Notes

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the “7 Quick Start Tips to Living a Healthy Gluten Free Fit Life” ebook/lifestyle system!  If you have suggestions, questions, or items you would like to see covered please let me know.  Send ‘em to
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Weekend Roundup-did you like this? Want to see me do it again?  Leave a comment on the blog and let me know!

Question from Joni:
I was wondering if you could do an article or give some information about protein powders and why to use them. Since I’ve been tracking my calories/fat/protein etc. I see that I’m having a hard time getting the protein I need without getting high carbs and fat. Some insight to this would be nice…if you haven’t already done it, I’m still reading through your site – there is a lot to take in! Thanks!

Addendum to podcast: Whey protein isolate does contain, although in small amounts, lactose and casein.  Those following a dairy free diet should not consume whey protein.  Check out the Dairy Free/Gluten Free Protein Powder 101 for some other options.

Question from Valen:
Hi, I love your website, it is very informative, and well put together.

I’m very curious about your story of what led to your knee surgeries, is there a
post on your website explaining this?  I’m just hoping it wasn’t an effect of
your bodybuilding.  Bodybuilding and competing is a dream of mine.

I’m 20 and have been lifting off and on since I was 13.  My parents, doctors
and injuries have stopped me from pursuing my goal to build a lot of muscle.

I’m curious what your first jobs were, how you sparked your interest in
health/fitness and about your journey in becoming a physical therapist, and
personal trainer.  Thank you for your time!

Comment from Alta:
BTW, I have to thank you for encouraging me to bulk cook – specifically the grilled meats thing. Last weekend, I grilled a BUNCH of chicken breasts and thighs, and previously, I’ve always thought that the meat would somehow taste like “leftovers” if I did this, but they don’t! I’ve been able to increase my protein intake conveniently by bringing about 3 oz of chicken breast along with my lunches at work, and I’ve used the grilled thighs along with broccoli slaw and mango in rice paper wraps, in salads, and this morning, along with sauteed mushrooms, cabbage, and a fried egg for a unique but delicious breakfast! While I love to cook and I tend to be in the kitchen daily, this is a great time saver. :) It’s funny how simple things like this make a difference, isn’t it?

-Visit Alta online at Tasty Eats at Home

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