Protein Powder Reviews

Gluten Free Protein Powder Reviews and Recommendations (or not!)

Protein powder. It can be so useful, so tasty, so convenient! It can also be completely vile tasting, or worse, make us sick due to cross-contact or hidden gluten. This page is for us all to share our experiences with protein powders, so we can learn from each other and hopefully spare ourselves from wasting money on a product that is nasty.

Here’s what to do:
Leave a comment below indicating the brand of protein, flavor, and quick summary of the nutrition facts if you have the label handy. Please also indicate the gluten status-if you’ve contacted the company please include that information, if there’s a gluten free label, no gluten containing ingredients, etc. Whatever is applicable.

Add your review-how was the flavor, the consistency, the mixability? Would you purchase it again? Feel free to use a 1-10 scale if you would like.

Of course, taste is individual, and what one person finds delicious another may find revolting-but I’m hoping that this will give us a good starting point.

Here’s a couple I’ve done:

-Gaspari Nutrition’s new Myofusion Probiotic

-Neo Cell Collagen Sport Protein Powder 

-General overview of gluten and dairy free protein powder types

-True Protein Gemma and Rice protein powder-dutch chocolate flavor

-PlantFusion vegan protein powder

-Muscle Gauge Nutrition Whey Blend and Whey Isolate

ADDENDUM: Some Flavors of Muscle Gauge Protein may contain gluten 1/11/12

Sprout Living Gluten, Dairy Free, and Raw Protein Powders

Gaspari’s New Myofusion Probiotic Protein Powder



Bring the reviews! I will be adding more as well. :)

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