Gluten Free Protein Bar Review-Zing Bars

Shockingly, the time has come.

There is actually a nutrition bar that has a quality ingredient list, positive nutritional profile, and really good taste.

Did I mention how good they taste?

It’s AmaZing! (That’s actually part of the compant tagline, I can’t take credit for being that creative.)

Zing bars were created by a team of nutritionists who were unable to find a bar they liked enough to recommend to their patients. So, they created their own. I am so glad they did that!

From the Zing Bar website “We could create our own all-natural nutrition bar. Our take on the perfect snack. A bar with everything we wanted it to have, and nothing we didn’t. A healthy balance of carbs, protein and beneficial fats, but no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. No trans fats, synthetic vitamins, or allergy-aggravating gluten, wheat or
soy protein.”

The Zing Bars come in 5 flavors: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cranberry Orange, Almond Blueberry, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. All flavors are gluten free, and the peanut butter chocolate chip and cranberry orange flavors are also dairy free.

Protein sources in the bars are rice protein, whey (in the bars which contain dairy) and a bit from nut butters and nuts.

The fats come primarily from the aforementioned nuts and nut butters. Carbohydrate sources (dependent on flavor) are from fruits (blueberry, cranberry, apples,) brown rice crisps, gluten free oats, Fruitrim, and agave or brown rice syrup.

Fruitrim (R) is a liquid, carbohydrate-based ingredient formed from fruit juice and dextrin is helps the bars retain moisture and extends shelf life. The bars also contain inulin/chicory root for a bit of added fiber.

The nutritional profile is similar for all flavors, but does vary a bit, so here’s a basic idea:

1 bar:

210 calories

25 grams of carbohydrate which includes 4 grams of fiber

9 grams of fat

11 grams of protein

The taste.

I was admittedly floored when I tasted these. They are moist, have chunks of whatever is appropriate to the flavor (blueberries, almonds, chocolate, etc.) and are plenty sweet without being overly sweet. The Chocolate peanut butter flavor has a chocolate coating, which was a pleasant surprise. Given that, this is the one flavor that has melting potential, so keep that in mind if you leave one or two in your glove box for “emergencies.” (Yes, I do that. I get really irritated when I get hungry, and having something available is best for everyone in the state.) I didn’t get to try the Cranberry Orange-I handed it to Jeff, because he’s big fan of that flavor combo. He tried it, said “Wow. This is really good.” And ate the whole thing. His feedback was-”really moist, and lots of flavor, lots of cranberries.” This is from a gluten-eater. I am a chocolate hound, as you guys have heard me say before, and the Almond Blueberry I liked just as much as the chocolate flavors. They are that good.

This would make a good between meal snack, something convenient to keep in a purse or backpack in case hunger strikes. (I also give some other ideas in my “Top 10 portable gluten free snacks” post.) It would even make for a good pre or post workout snack, although the fat is a tad high for that purpose. These would be perfect to keep on hand for your kids-a much healthier choice than a couple of cookies. I will be taking them on our road trip to Tennessee, and out with us when we go hiking-the mix of protein, carbs and fat is perfect for giving some sustained release of nutrition.

These are a great option. Thank you to Stacey for sending me each flavor to sample.

The folks at ZingBars have given the Gluten Free Fitness community a discount code, which is for $10 off a box of 12 bars, and there is no limit to how many boxes you can purchase with the $10 off. However, it expires on 2/28/10.

The discount code is “gffitness” You can order online here.

Let me know your thoughts on the bars in the comments below. Have you tried them? Favorite flavor?

Also, if you’d like more free information on setting up a healthy gluten free nutrition plan click here.

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  1. Kim says:

    You know I love these!! I love the nutritional stats. While I like Lara & Pure bars, they are missing the protein that these have. I love them all, but that cranberry orange rocks. :) I have one in my purse right now! :)


  2. Erin says:

    Hey Kim!
    Absolutely-I love me a Lara Bar Cherry Pie flavor every now and again-but for me the lack of protein means I need to have something else along with it. These have 10 grams of protein-slightly lower than what I personally would like to see, but totally acceptable as a snack. And won’t spill in your purse ;)

  3. Deena says:

    These bars are awesome. Even my husband likes them! Great on the golf course, in the car (instead of a drive thru “snack”), anywhere! Love, love, LOVE them!

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