Gluten Free Supplements Review-Rockwell Nutrition

In pursuit of finding gluten free options for supplements and vitamins, I came across Rockwell Nutrition.

Rockwell Nutrition is a company that is owned and run by nutritionists and dietitians.  This is something that is unique in the supplement industry.  The company offers consulting in combination with products, so their customers can choose the proper products that will help them the most.

When I contacted Annika,  the owner, she responded quickly to all my questions.  The company does not make and manufacturer their own supplements, they act as a reseller for brands and products that they have researched and believe are the best for their customers.

The website is easy to navigate, and there is a menu which separates products by type and also by health concern.  You can also simply type “gluten free” into the search bar and the appropriate products are shown.

Another feature that I liked about this company is that you can purchase multiple types of supplements and vitamins all at one site.  For example, I ordered protein powders, a multivitamin, and a probiotic supplement.

They carry the 6 supplements that I think everyone could benefit from-a multivitamin, fish oil, creatine monohydrate, probiotics, Vitamin D, and protein powder.  (I’ll expand on why I think these are important in an upcoming article.)

They also provide extensive dairy free options.

The products I’m reviewing are a combination of ones I purchased, and a few complimentary samples that Annika and Julie were kind enough to send.


Multi (Twice Daily) by Designs For Health

What can you really say about a multivitamin?  It’s a capsule, I take it.  I believe in a multivitamin just to cover any nutritional gaps we may have.  This is iron free as well.  I add calcium/magnesium and more Vitamin D, but this is a good starting point.


HLC Maintenance caps by Pharmax

This was the product I chose.  I have no significant GI issues at this time, and this seemed the proper choice for me.  This particular product ” is the product of choice for the reasonably healthy individual who does not have a particularly stressful lifestyle.

  • HLC organisms successfully used in clinical trial
  • Most suitable product in HLC range for maintenance of already-balanced flora
  • 1 billion viable Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum organisms and 250mg FOS per capsule
  • Virtually 100% survival through stomach”

There are other products available which could be used if a “stronger” probiotic is needed.  I would recommend speaking with one of their staff to decipher which one would be most appropriate for you.

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Protein Powders

Clinical Metacore Organic Multi Care Meal

-I tried the Cacao Bean and Berry Vanilla flavors.  This product is marked as a “meal replacement” but I would definitely not consider it a meal replacement.  It is a hemp protein and fiber blend.  It has a very high amount of fiber (13 grams!) per serving, which is phenomenal, but should be transitioned to gradually if your diet is a bit low in fiber.  It has 5 grams of protein, which in my eyes is not enough to qualify as a protein supplement or meal replacement.  This would be great mixed with some additional protein, or as an addition to a small whole foods meal.   Per the description:

  • Contains 14 grams fiber, 5g hemp protein, 3 billion probiotics, 1.3g Omegas, and multivitamin.
  • Guaranteed to be Free of:  Gluten, Corn, Dairy & Artificial Ingredients

My assessment: This had a mild chocolate flavor, the berry flavor was stronger but pleasant.  Texture was slightly gritty.  Required a good bit of shaking to mix (I used water.)  Moderate thickness.  Definite aftertaste-not sure which ingredient is responsible for that.  Overall, not unpleasant.  Good source of nutrition, you just may need a water chaser.


I am not an advocate of “cleanses.”  I feel that following a varied and healthful diet provides your body with nutrients you need, and our bodies and livers are amazing at cleansing ourselves.   Of course, I understand that some people may wish to cleanse, which is an individual decision.  As always, get educated and make an informed and independent decision.  Be that as it may, this product appears to be designed to be used in conjunction with a “cleanse,” so you may find it helpful it you choose to go that route.
It is listed as being a blend of rice and pea protein, but I could not find nutritional specs.

My assessment:

This was unflavored, I think, and tasteless.  It has an unappealing color and smell, so if you choose to use it I would definitely mix it with something.  This also had an aftertaste and was gritty in texture.

Rice Protein Concentrate by Biogenesis Nutraceuticals

-This is a non-GMO brown rice protein.  I tried the unflavored, which is nice if you want to make your own gluten free and dairy free protein bars.

  • Each scoop contains:
  • 110 calories with 1 gram of fat
  • 15 grams of protein
  • 11 grams of carbohydrate (2 of which are fiber)

This mixed easily.  It also had a smoother texture than the rice protein that I reviewed from True Protein.  It did have slight grittiness.

Gluten Free but Not Dairy Free:

Paleomeal Organic Whey Protein

-This product has a unique production process in the world of whey protein.  According to the product information, “The fresh milk is heated once. It is pasteurized at 63 degrees C for 30 minutes. It is a low temperature method and unique in that it is not used by commercial dairies as it is very expensive to produce a finished product using this method. There is no heating to the liquid whey or whey protein powder. The milk and liquid whey are not exposed to acid or alkali treatment. The filtration method is proprietary information.

Proserum is produced using proprietary filtration and drying which involves the minimum amount of processing. We do not use cross-flow filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, hydrolyzation or ion exchange because these methods denature the original, native proteins.”

I have not researched the manufacturing of whey to know if this makes a significant difference.

  • Each scoop contains:
  • 95 calories
  • 1.5 grams of fat
  • 17 grams of protein
  • 3 grams of carbs

My assessment: I tried both the chocolate and the unsweetened vanilla flavor.  The chocolate is flavored with xylitol, a sugar alcohol, and stevia.

I really liked the chocolate flavor.  It had a rich chocolate, almost a chocolate malt flavor.  It mixed easily and had a thinner consistency, as expected for a whey protein.  The vanilla was very bland-again that could be a plus if used in a recipe.


I very much liked the customer service and products provided by this company.  This is only a very small sample of the gluten and dairy free products they provide.  They also offer rewards points on your purchases.  I am happy to be an affiliate for them and support them.  If you choose to order and do so through one of the links on the banner, you will be helping  me continue to keep the blog going.

If you need some more information on setting up a healthy gluten free life, check out my free (gluten free!) nutrition guide.  Keep an eye out for the Gluten Free Healthy Tips project…it’s almost done!

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