Hacked! And an apology to Bakery On Main

Saturday morning, I woke up, came into my office to write a post, logged onto GFF, and….

Everything was gone.  All my posts, the customizations to my blog theme, everything.


So if you happened to visit yesterday and there was nothing here, or you got a “Whoops!  This page is not found!” my apologies.

I am very, very fortunate that me friend and web guru JC of JCD Fitness was awake and checking his email, saw my plea for help (I am not tech savvy at all) and was able to restore the site to the last back up day (thank you WordPress Database Backup plugin) which was last Sunday.  He was able to do it incredibly quickly, whereas it would have taken me probably a month a lot of hair pulling, so I am indebted.

So…last Sunday when when I had written and scheduled to post on Wednesday the review for Bakery on Main.  On Tuesday, Katerina from Bakery on Main contacted me, apologized profusely for the stale product, and resent a trial package.  (They had a fire in June, and may have had some delay in sending fresh samples.)  The plan was for the review to be postponed until I had tried the new product, so I rescheduled the post for mid September.  Obviously, when we restored the blog, the post had been scheduled, and so it went up.

My apologies to Bakery On Main, as the intent was for the review/re-review to be posted together.  Technology and a hacker have spoiled the best laid plans.

The customer service from Bakery On Main has been second to none, and I look forward to writing another review in the future with the new products.

On another note, I did lose the post that went up with details on the treadmill desk.  Silly me, I had written it on a weeknight (which I try not to do) and forgot to save a copy.  I’ll get that up again sometime next week.

So that’s the story!

Thanks for all your patience, and I’ll have a “real” article up soon!

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  1. Anna Aspnes says:

    So NOT cool Erin. Sorry this happened to you but sounds like it could have been a heck of a lot worse!

  2. Erin says:

    Hey Anna!
    Yes, my heart about stopped on Saturday morning when I saw everything gone-and I hadn’t even had coffee yet to help steel my nerves!
    Thankfully, mostly everything has been restored (I think!)

  3. Oh, that’s so annoying … if only those folks would put their talents to good use! Glad your friend was there to save the day. Everybody needs a friend or a tech person like that! ;-)


  4. Erin says:

    I am very fortunate. He jumped in and saved the day :) JC and my Database Backup Plugin are my heroes!

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