NuGo Gluten Free Protein Bars-Review

I’m always keeping an eye out for snacks that have a decent nutritional profile, are gluten free, and convenient for grab-and-go.

I heard about NuGo bars, and contacted the company to get some more information.

NuGo Nutrition has seven product lines.

Of those seven, three product lines are gluten, dairy, and soy free.  The others are not, so make sure to check the labels.

Gluten and Dairy Free NuGo Trail Mix bar

The three product lines that are gluten, dairy and soy free are the NuGo 10 bars, the Crispy Cat bars, and the NuGo Free Bars.

Alyssa at NuGo was kind enough to send me samples of NuGo 10 and Free bars to try.

The NuGo 10 bars are gluten, dairy, peanut, and soy free.

They remind me quite a bit of LaraBars in the sense that they are made of whole food ingredients.  They contain 3 nuts, 3 fruits, and 4 seeds.  (Hence the name NuGo 10-10 ingredients.)  They are also vegan and Pareve.

The nutritional facts are as follows:

160 calories.

10 grams of fat.

17 grams of carbohydrates, 4 of which are fiber.

4 grams of protein.

The NuGo 10 bars are available in lemon, cranberry and apple cinnamon flavors.

Taste review:

The flavors of these were very good.  Strong taste of what they were supposed to taste like, given each individual flavor.  They are similar in composition to a LaraBar as well.  However, the texture was a bit dry.  They would hold up well in a purse or backpack, and since there is no chocolate coating you don’t have to worry about summer time melting.

Nutritionally, these are low in protein for my preferences.  I would add a protein source like yogurt/cottage cheese, egg (s), jerky, or string cheese for a nutritional boost.

I also tried 2 flavors of the NuGo Free bars.

These are also gluten, dairy, and soy free, as well as Pareve and vegan.  These are certified gluten free by GFCO, which always gives me extra peace of mind.

The nutrition facts are quite good on these:

150 calories.

3 grams of fat.

28 grams of carbohydrate, 5 of which are fiber.

9 grams of protein.

They are available in 3 flavors: Carrot Cake, Dark Chocolate Crunch, and Dark Chocolate Trail Mix.

Taste review:

I tried the Carrot Cake and Dark Chocolate Trail Mix.  When you open the package, they look vaguely reminiscent of a rice krispie treat.  The Chocolate bar also had a coating of chocolate on one side.  The texture is quite different than a rice krispie treat because the rice crisps used are rice protein crisps.  They are not light and crispy, they are a bit heavier.  These also were a bit dry.  The chocolate coating lessened that a bit on the Trail Mix bar.

The Carrot Cake bar had good flavor with a strong cinnamon and nutmeg taste.  Perhaps a white chocolate coating would go well on this bar and help with the dryness, but as it is it can hold up to heat without melting.

The Trail Mix bar was by far my favorite.  I love the combination of chocolate and fruit.

Nutritionally, these have enough protein to hold you over for a bit, and could stand up on their own if you are in a pinch.  Adding some additional protein would be helpful if you are looking at a longer period of time before you will be able to eat real food.

Overall, these are a handy option to have available.  Personally, I prefer Zing bars, but everyone’s tastes are different.  Also, the NuGo bars are dairy free, the Zing bars are not.  My friend Kim at Gluten Free is Life also reviewed the NuGo bars.  You can check out her review for another perspective.

If you have tried these please share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Alma says:

    Thanks for the article. I’m partial to Zing Bars as well and actually three if their flavors are dairy free. My fav is the chocolate coconut and it’s gluten, soy and dairy free. It’s Awesome.


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  3. monica says:

    I am a fan of the NuGo Free bars! You can buy them on line at for $15.50 per case (12 bars) so they are reasonably priced; yea! I agree with your comments about their taste and texture. They really are handy to have in a bag when you are crashing from the hungries. I really like it that they have 3-4 grams of fiber per bar, don’t go overboard on the sugar and are low in fat.

  4. Cara says:

    I love the NuGO Free bars! The chocolate ones are so fudgy! I give them 2 thumbs up! :)

  5. Great Review! Where have I been?! I haven’t heard of them before, super excited to try the raw ones!

  6. Erin says:

    Hey Lauren! Let us know what you think!

  7. Erin says:

    Hi Cara!
    Always great to hear more feedback-I do want to try the other chocolate flavor.

  8. Erin says:

    Hey Monica thanks for that great tip! I ordered from All Star Health in the past.
    I’m all for snacks you can keep handy!

  9. Erin says:

    Hey Alma!
    I’m definitely a fan of Zing. I haven’t tried the Chocolate Coconut yet-definitely will be getting some of that one next go round!

  10. Erin,

    Thank you for reviewing NuGO FREE and NuGo 10. We are launching an exciting line of unique certified gluten-free bars in September. We also started a gluten-free blog
    and a NuGo Gluten Free Facebook page.

    Please email us at if you would like to write a guest blog post or review the new bars.

    Healthy Regards,
    NuGo Gluten Free

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