Podcast Episode 3-Shelly Stuart Celiac Nurse interview | Part 2

Continuing on from the last episode. Erin again talks to registered nurse Shelly Stuart. In this episode we discuss Shelly’s daughter’s diagnosis of Celiac Disease, and how she handled issues like keeping her daughter content while other children around her were eating glutenous foods and treats. Also discussed in this episode are the diagnostic testing available for celiac disease, what each process involves, and what the pros and cons are of each method of testing.

This is part Two of a three part episode, be sure to listen to the first episode for even more information on dealing with celiac disease from diagnosis to a life without gluten. Part three coming soon!

Show Notes

Podcast Episode 3-Shelly Stuart Celiac Nurse interview-Part 2

Gluten sensitivity, discussion of testing procedures, and recommendations

Shelly’s website:http://celiacnurse.com/

2G Pharma-Celiac home test: http://www.2gpharma.com/

-Emergency preparedness kit premade: http://www.glutenfreeworks.com/shop/details.php?sku=328

-Emergency prep kit list http://www.ready.gov/america/getakit/

Additional Notes from Shelly:

I would also like to mention that it is possible to have a gluten
sensitivity even if you test negative for CD. It is also possible that
some of your symptoms could be due to a food allergy/sensitivity or
other disease process. Allergy testing by an allergist and/or a
naturopathic physician may help to investigate this possibility. Other
tests can help rule out other diseases.

I encourage everyone to have their symptoms thoroughly investigated by
their MD and specialists before implementing a therapeutic diet or
making any changes. As well, I recommend waiting until CD/gluten
sensitivity testing is complete before initiating a gluten-free diet
because it may create a false negative. Consult your MD, Registered
Dietitian, or other medical specialists involved in your care to
determine if nutrient supplements should be taken and to identify
appropriate dosages for you. Toxicities can occur with over
supplementation and this can lead to permanent damage. A Registered
Dietitian can also provide guidance to ensure all nutritional needs
are met.


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