Round Up! Gluten Free, Celiac and Nutrition News and Notables

It’s been a month since my last round up post!


I can’t begin to catch you up on ALL the highlights, but we’ll hit a few of the high points for your reading pleasure.

And, I hope everyone had a healthy, safe, and fun Thanksgiving for those of us in the US.


Celiac Related News

  • Starbucks is starting to really annoy me.  In this post, Jules (of the famed Jules Gluten Free Flour, which I hear is amazing, but admittedly have not tried, I don’t use grain based flour much at all) explains how Starbucks has stated that it cannot guarantee that even it’s coffee is gluten free. Seriously.  Read the post for the quoted email exchange.  I understand that the lawyers have to cover their butts, but that seems a little ridiculous.  But, it reinforces something that Shirley and I (and others, I’m sure) are preaching all the time.  You can eat/drink safely in many locations that don’t necessarily have a gluten free menu, you just have to take the time to explain to the staff your needs, and the precautions they must take.  9 times out of 10 they are very happy to accommodate.  If they are not, move on down the road and find someone else who will be happy to serve you and take your money.
  • Thanksgiving may be over this year in the States, but there are always more holidays to come.  My friend Kim over at Cook IT Allergy Free posted an absolutely awesome allergy friendly Thanksgiving prep series. She even included a time line and a shopping list.  Go read, marvel at her organizational skills, and bookmark it.

Gluten Free Global Community

Nutrition Notables

  • Mark’s Daily Apple published an article about taking a critical view of research studies. This is important.  Research is necessary, and an important part of making an educated and informed decision, but you must look at all factors involved.
  • One of the smartest guys I know, Lyle McDonald, (not personally, in the i-read-your-stuff-because-it’s-really-good sense) posted a series of articles last week on his volunteer experience at the Austin Humane Society. Read it.  Have your credit card and a box of Kleenex handy.  Then call your local shelter and sign up.  (And if you are interested in losing fat, buy Lyle’s Guide to Flexible Dieting while you’re over there.   As he says, great book, terrible title.  It’s one that every person interested in weight control should own.)

Have a fantastic weekend all!

If you are stuck inside for whatever reason, you can read:

The Easiest Gluten Free Diet

And if you want more, Gluten Free and Fit 101 has a lot more in store!

If you STILL don’t have enough, get my free nutrition guide.

And that should give you enough reading for a while.

If you STILL want more, or you just want a step by step, simple, checklist  approach to cleaning up your diet, check out 7 Quick Start Tips to Living a Healthy Gluten Free Fit Life.

Then get up and do something active!

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  2. Lots here I must check out, my dear (including Karina’s cookie info–impt stuff!), and many, many thanks for the mention on me and my General Mills visit! It was so cool to finally meet Maureen and the others. We are all ambassadors, including you, just playing slightly different roles. It takes all of us to do the job that needs to be done. Wish we could see the diagnosis rate for celiac (and other gluten issues) creep up like they have those fundraising thermometers. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Seriously awesome.


  3. Erin says:

    LOL Shirley, you are so right. My mind went right to “it takes a village…” but it really is true. We all have our unique perspective, voice, and talents to lend to celiac and gluten intolerance awareness, and the evolving of gluten free products. Or, the awareness of naturally gluten free items!
    You’re right. A thermometer would be awesome.

  4. Some genuinely great blog posts on this site, thankyou for contribution.

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