Saturday Round Up-Gluten Free and Nutrition Goodies of the Week

There was a metric ton of great stuff posted up this week.

If you follow GFF on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll somtimes see me post up an article I think is worth a look.  Sometimes it’s about celiac disease and research, sometimes it’s an awesome looking gluten free recipe, sometimes it’s solid information from the fitness aspect of things, sometimes it’s really geekazoid biochemistry stuff, and sometimes it’s just plain something hilarious.

I’ll do a “round up” post of sorts on a regular basis if you guys find this helpful, so make sure to post a comment if you like it!

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Celiac Disease/Gluten Free stuff:

Explanation of how manufacturers define and use the terms “gluten free,” “wheat free,” and questions to ask

Chris (Celiac Man) is raising funds for Celiac Awareness and summer camps that are gluten free

Carrie (GingerLemon Girl) complied a list of the recipes from the 30 Days Quick and Easy Gluten Free Meals. Bookmark it.

Wendy’s journey to leading a healthier gluten free life, and a giveaway of  my ebook

Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free recipe for GF and nonfat “brownies” perfect for a high carb refeed day

Heidi (Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom aka GF FlavaMom) hilarious recount of some experiences and review/giveaway of the ebook

Dieting and Nutrition Articles:

Last week I posted my thoughts on the idea of intuitive eating.  This week I saw a couple more that I thought were interesting and thought provoking.

An overview by a registered dietitian with some tips

The always straight shooting Leigh Peele shares her thoughts on the problems with using intuitive eating for fat loss

And her thoughts on a possible solution

James Krieger explores the nerdlier yet incredibly interesting side of appetite control and why it’s so complicated

Weighty Matters on calorie intake and gives a link to a fairly accurate calorie expenditure calculator.  Don’t overestimate your activity level when you are entering the information.

Lastly, James at Weightology gives his list of blogs to check out.  I am extraordinarily flattered to be on this list with some amazing individuals.  I really don’t fit in there.  Some of my favorites like Alan Aragon and Lyle McDonald are included, and a few new to me that look awesome and are going on my Google Reader.

Wraps it up for now!  If you like this idea, hit up a comment and let me know.

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  1. Erin, love the round-ups. I think it is a great idea!
    By the way, I am so excited for you on your e-book! I will definitely buy a copy and do a review for you, if you’d like! I may have hubby read it and do then I’ll do the review through his eyes – Heidi and I have talked about how my husband and her have such similar stories. Going Gluten Free has changed his life!
    And Congratulations for making James’ (Weightology) list – you DO fit in there, perfectly! You are amongst some great ones there!

  2. Erin says:

    Hey Kim!
    You are too kind. I’m blushing thru my screen ;)
    Glad you like the round up idea! I’m going to do it on at least a semi-regular basis.
    I’d love for you to review the ebook-the more the merrier! So glad to hear how your husband has improved from going gluten free, and it would be great to have his perspective.

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