Sometimes all the information can be a bit overwhelming, and you need a little bit of help getting started.

I have taken all of my personal experience and research and written “7 Quick Start Tips to Living a Healthy Gluten Free Fit Life (without making yourself nuts in the process.”)  It is a system with written checklists, audio, worksheets, and easy “not really recipes” to get you going on your path.  Click here to check out the Healthy Gluten Free Life system.

If you need one on one assistance,  I am offering a very limited amount of personalized consulting. My educational background, practical experience in both the health care and fitness realms, and personal experience with celiac disease, leaves me uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals and expand your knowledge. My goal is to work toward a full time endeavor in assistance and education for those who are looking to live a healthy gluten free lifestyle. At this time, I am still working my “real job”, but as time goes on and I am able, more of my time will be dedicated to you.

Every consultation will be individualized to address any particular concerns. We can discuss lifestyle adaptations, exercise, nutrition, or any related issues. The nutritional information I provide is to help you optimize your health and wellness, and should not be considered medical nutrition therapy. I always encourage you to seek the advice of your physician for any medical issues. Having said that-there are many ways I can help you in your journey to living a healthy gluten free life. I am here to educate and guide, and will not pass judgment or create guilt. Ultimately you are the person who controls your future. I can give suggestions, but you have to make the choices and execute. If you have questions, feel free to contact me or use the form at the end of the page.

Gluten Free and Fit 101:

Are you new to living gluten free? Finding it a bit overwhelming, and having difficulty navigating your way through the gluten filled world? Email me questions, and within 48 hours you will have the answers.

Up to 5 questions via email: $37

Up to 10 questions via email: $87

# of questions

Gluten Free and Fit 201:

Do you prefer talking to typing? With this option you will receive 30 minute conversations via Skype or phone. We can discuss reading nutrition labels, strategies for eating out safely and healthfully, menu planning and grocery shopping, or any other issue you would like assistance on. Written follow up with resources will also be provided via email.

Quick Fix:30 minutes $50, or package of 3 to be used within 3 months $125

# of 30 min sessions

Gluten Free Weight Management and Athletic Performance:
-Weekly check ins and progress reports required.

The Tweak:
Have a good handle on your nutrition and training, but need an objective eye to bust through a plateau or achieve a specific goal?

1 month unlimited email support and guidance $175

Gluten Free and Fit Revamp:

12 weeks to new habits and new outlook

This package is for those of you who are committed to making a change in perspective, eating habits, and body composition. This provides 3 months of email consultations including meal planning, exercise guidance, grocery lists, and mindset shifts. Each month you will also have 1 30 minute Skype conversation. Feedback on your progress and questions are required!

3 months $550 (recommended to see results-results require consistent prolonged action toward your goal)

1 month $250

Revamp time

Results are earned-not guaranteed. You truly reap what you sow, to use an old (true) cliche.

**If you live in South Florida and are interested in one-on-one sessions for pantry/kitchen makeover, shopping and cooking tips, or other coaching/education please contact me.


“Erin is someone who is clearly interested in helping people who have celiac and are interested in fitness improve their health and well-being. I asked Erin for help with nutrition advice and ran my fitness routine by her, and she spent a great deal of time helping me formulate a good fitness and nutrition plan. Then, when I injured myself, she helped me find ways to cope with a long absence from the gym and gave me hope that I’d eventually get back to where I was. She is upbeat and positive, and I would recommend her to anyone.”

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