Sprout Living Gluten and Dairy Free Protein Powder Review

Whole foods are always a great option, but what if you need a quick hit of protein and you need something super convenient, and only have water and a shaker cup available?

Then, protein powders are a good option.

They are so handy in fact, I have a whole section devoted to gluten free protein powders and reviews. For those of us who live athletic lives, sometimes getting in adequate (and by adequate for an active individual I consider that to be .6 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight, dependent upon other factors.  For those of us who cannot tolerate casein (dairy,) the challenge bar is set a bit higher, as many protein powders on the market are derived from milk.

There are more and more options becoming available for those who cannot or choose not to consume dairy.  I overviewed them in Gluten Free and Dairy Free Protein Powder 101-Sports Nutrition for Celiacs. I’ve reviewed specific brands, like Trueprotein and Plant Fusion.

The folks over at Sprout Living have unveiled a new twist on the vegan protein powders.  Their proteins are…wait for it…raw and sprouted/fermented.  Hence, Sprout Living.

Sprout Living Superfood and Protein Powder

I mentioned before that I’ve been soaking my oats on the occasions that I have oatmeal. Sprouting gives the same benefits, taking the idea of soaking and going one step further. Theoretically, this should improve the digestibility and bioavailabilty of the nutrients you take in.

Sprout Living currently has 4 varieties of their vegan, gluten free, kosher, raw, organic protein powders.

They were very kind and sent me a complimentary sample of each type to review.

  • Sproutein - this is a naturally flavored protein powder.  Meaning, no added flavors.  Meaning, to me, it tasted like grass mixed with dirt.  Not terribly appetizing, but it has such a good ingredient profile you may be willing to pinch your nose and suck it down.  Ingredients: Freshly Freeze Dried Sprout Powders (Sunflower Sprouts°, Amaranth Sprouts°, Millet Sprouts°, Kale Sprouts°, Quinoa Sprouts°, Mung Bean Sprouts°, Alfalfa Sprouts°), Hempseed Protein Powder°, Chia Sprout Powder°, Golden Pea Powder°, Goji Berry Powder°, Black Maca Root Powder°, Yacon Root Powder°, Lucuma Powder°. (° means that that ingredient is certified organic and raw.)   It’s not terribly rich in protein, containing only 11 grams in 2 scoops, but it is quite rich in fiber (at 13 grams) and has 25% RDA of iron.
  • Epic Protein Powder-Original- This is a sprouted and fermented rice protein powder.  They use low temperature throughout processing, so the end product is considered “raw.”  Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic, Sprouted/Fermented Brown Rice Protein Powder.  Gotta like that.  This mixed fairly easily, and like all rice proteins had a slightly gritty texture, but seemed a bit smoother than other rice proteins I have tried.  This is unflavored, so I used it to make “pancakes” and it left a nice texture.  Nutritionally this is a more traditional protein powder, giving you 23 grams per scoop.
  • Epic Protein also comes in Vanilla Lucema and Chocolate Maca flavors.  The flavorings were very subtle, and these flavors have a very short ingredient list as well.  The mixability was good.   Each scoop of the flavored proteins has 19 grams of protein.

I really like the fact that Sprout Living offers samples to purchase.  That doesn’t happen too frequently, and many people like to try prior to making such an investment.  These are not cheap (about $17 -$24 dollars for 15 servings or so) but given the quality of ingredients I think they are a very viable option for those who are vegan, or gluten and dairy free.

Have you tried Sprout Living?

Remember, feel free to give your protein powder reviews!

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  2. AmandaonMaui says:

    Those sound pretty good to me, and I like the look of the ingredients list. Garden of Life’s Raw Protein powder contains barley grass and wheat grass, and while I haven’t had a bad reaction to it some people might still be a bit wary of using the product if they are gluten free. The company says that the barley grass and wheat grass they use has not allowed time for the gluten proteins to attach to the grasses, but if someone was still nervous about it these look like a great alternative. Also, since they come in other flavors they would be much better suited to shakey cups than the one I am using in smoothies.

    The Plant Fusion is still a good option (especially in chocolate flavor) for just shaking up.

    At my Whole Foods Market they offer little sample sized packs of Amazing Grass (not a protein powder) for about $1.50 a piece. I wish other supplements offered them too!

    I’m so glad you write such wonderful product reviews!

  3. Maggie says:

    I haven’t tried these yet. My husband likes vega and hemp protein powder. I love the sounds of these powders though – RAW! Would you believe that I just started eating oatmeal. Sooooo good, I’m off to check out your oatmeal post, very curious about soaking the oats!

  4. Erin says:

    I’m not all about the “raw” thing, but I think having active enzymes in our food is a plus, for sure. I don’t like the cultish feel that raw food has to it-but then again, I’m sure some would say that about gluten free! I’ve tried hemp protein in the past as well, and it’s not bad. Which brand does your husband like?

  5. Erin says:

    Thanks Amanda!

    The whole barley/wheat grass issue definitely gives me some pause. You have to hope that they are vigilant about harvesting it properly.
    And you are absolutely correct, I wish all companies would offer sample packets. I have seen Jay Robb sample packets and am going to try that soon.

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