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Getting Out of Your Own Way aka You Can Do Much More than You Think

(Thank you, Sean.  Post today inspired by a friend asking me a question this morning.) As some of you may know, I’m back on the road bike. “What a long, strange trip it’s been…” Although I have been an active, athletic person most of my life (although a clumsy one, I cannot lie) I have […]

2012 goals courtesy janet wahlquist

Step Away From the Resolutions-Make a Lifestyle Tweak Instead

Yup, it’s about that time again. The time of year when drunken (or not) love is professed, lofty goals stated and unrealistic items wished for. It may be a few years old, but my post on How to Avoid a New Year’s Resolution Fail still holds true.  Go ahead, go read it.  I’ll wait. Then […]

Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Where to start (or restart) with this thing called fitness?

Welcome to the very first Gluten Free Fitness video blog!  (Apparently also known as a vlog, which I learned recently.  I’m a little behind.) It’s only about 6 minutes, and you really don’t have to watch me, so feel free to listen as you do something else.  (Except you, Melissa, I want to keep you […]

Stooping to Bribery for a Good Cause-LiveLong for LiveStrong. And, Road ID.  Keep a Celiac Safe, Will Ya?

Stooping to Bribery for a Good Cause-LiveLong for LiveStrong. And, Road ID. Keep a Celiac Safe, Will Ya?

Yes, I am going to offer a bribe.  I admit it. It’s for a good cause, though. If you read my previous post, you know that I am participating in a charity bicycle event on October 2nd.  This will be just 12 short weeks after undergoing my last knee surgery, and I’m just tickled and […]

LiveLong for LiveStrong event

Updates, bites, and bits, and stuff. Gluten free bites, of course.

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the newly mini-facelifted Gluten Free Fitness. I hope you find it a bit easier to navigate and easier on the eyes.  Someday I will have the $$ to have my friend JC of JCDFitness fame do a kick butt custom design, but until then a huge thanks goes to Hive […]

Parting (with Gluten) is Such Sweet Sorrow...Or Is It?

Parting (with Gluten) is Such Sweet Sorrow…Or Is It?

Excuse me while I have a small rant. (If you are new here, welcome!  You may have heard of my stomping grounds from the Advance for Physical Therapists patient handout on celiac disease, or the MediaPlanet insert on celiac disease in the Chicago Tribune.  Thanks for coming by, put up your feet and hang for […]

About Being Human-9/11 Tribute

This has nothing to do with celiac disease or living gluten free. It’s about being human. 9 years ago today, the world stood still for at least a moment for all of us, and for much, much longer for some of us. I had just finished a 400 mile bike ride for charity from Montreal […]

"Want" to Lose Weight but "Can't?" Read This Book...

“Want” to Lose Weight but “Can’t?” Read This Book…

I recently had to travel for work, and pulled out this little book that had been sitting on my bookshelf.  I had bought it from Amazon.  It was on my “recommended for you” list, and it looked good.  (They do a pretty good job with those, don’t they?  I don’t know what the algorithm is, […]

Generation Gluten Free

Review of Generation Gluten Free-the Documentary

Have you ever watched something and thought to yourself: “Ah-well, then it’s going to be just fine,” with a big sigh of relief? That’s how I felt after watching this very well done documentary on living well with celiac disease. The film’s director, Susan Cohen, also recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary of living gluten […]

10 Tips for Healing as a Crazy (me, not you) Gluten Free Injured Athlete

10 Tips for Healing as a Crazy (me, not you) Gluten Free Injured Athlete

If you are on the GFF Facebook or Twitter, you may have heard me complaining. Last week I twisted my ankle and fell, giving myself a grade two ankle sprain.  I heard and felt the dreaded “pop” as I fell.  Luckily, I landed softly in the hedge.  Jeff was home to help me up, so […]

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