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Recipe Alert! Gluten Free High Protein Fake Out “Ice Cream”

Recipe Alert!-Not really Ice Cream This is my go-to evening snack. I have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit. Seriously. I control what I put in my pie-hole, but if there were no calories and no health or body compositon repercussions from living on M&M’s, red wine and chocolate ice cream, I’d do it. […]

Recipe Alert! Gluten Free lowfat banana bread

Today we are celebrating my fiance’s Grandmother’s 85th Birthday! She is wonderfully healthy and vibrant, which is awesome and an inspiration. I like to cook, but I rarely measure, so baking is a bit of a challenge at times. This recipe is so I can have strawberries and cake with everyone else! I like to […]

Recipe Alert!  Everyday high protein gluten free breakfast

Recipe Alert! Everyday high protein gluten free breakfast

No time? This is a nice, easy way to get in a quality breakfast. I make a batch on Sunday afternoon so I have 5 portions for the weekdays-toss into a portable container and go! Egg White Spinach bake The players: -3.75 c. liquid pasteurized egg white (I use Egg Whites International) I buy 2 […]

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