Walk, Type, and Burn Calories-Seriously.

Remember the old “pat your head and rub your belly” trick?

Try it again, now, just for fun. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now try it, but rub your belly slowly. Don’t think about it too much, just let your hand move. Got easier to pat your head, didn’t it?

I promise you I have a point.

When you are doing something that comes easily, or is second nature, it’s much easier to do something else at the same time.

So file that away for a sec.

Now-think about the amount of time you spend sitting in a day. Sitting in your car, sitting in front of the computer, sitting at work, sitting watching TV. That’s a lot of butt time. Now, the majority of us have been walking for many moons. So it’s an activity that comes as second nature and you don’t really have to think about it.

How great to combine walking with the excessive butt time?

YouTube Preview Image

Way back when I started this blog in August, I wrote about the SurfShelf. Of course, no one was reading this then, (except maybe my family) so this may be news :) I use the Surfshelf on my treadmill regularly, mostly catching up on my Google Reader (ing.)

Yesterday I opened up the April copy of Fitness magazine and saw a big write up on the TrekDesk. This is a super-deluxe version of the SurfShelf and basically gives you an entire desk space to work with. It’s also more expensive, but given the space differential understandable. (I also found this post on DIY Treadmill Desks which gives a very affordable option if yer handy.)

Here’s the upshot-you can type, talk, surf, do all “generally sitting” tasks with walking about 2 mph, approximately. Depending on your size, this could net you about 50-100 extra calories burned per hour. Over a 8hr day, that’s 400 to 800 calories. That’s significant. Even on the low end, if you changed nothing else, you could lose about a pound every two weeks. While doing other stuff!

Obviously this could be difficult to implement in an office setting. If you work at home, give one of these options a thought. You can even watch Hulu of your shows and keep moving!

If I were in charge, I’d put these in all offices where people are currently in cubicles. Treadmills all around. Imagine the good that could come-better health, improved body composition, potentially lowered health care costs, improved productivity and job satisfaction….

Alas, I am not in charge. Yet. ;)

If you are interested in buying one of these products and go thru one of the links provided here, I would earn a small percentage which can go toward my blog and podcast costs, and I thank you. If not, please just consider how you can minimize “on yer butt” time. Even if just by a little bit.

************In other news…….
I was a guest poster on Gluten Free is Life this week. Read here about the full extent of my nerdiness.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution starts this week.

Leave a comment at the probiotics post to be entered to win a free month supply of Align! Entries will close a week from today, 3/31/10.

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