Weekend Roundup! Gluten Free, Celiac and Nutrition Goodies of the Week

There is just no end to the really interesting and helpful stuff that gets posted up the the web (aka teh intrewebz-yes, the misspelling is completely intentional and a bit silly.)

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  • The Whole 9 is a blog/website/principle of thinking/consulting site that I recently came across and am really digging.

First of all, how cool is the name “The Whole 9.”  Seriously.  As in “the whole 9 yards” but with a way cooler vibe.

The Whole 9 are Dallas and Melissa.  Heretoafter to be referred to as “they.”

They are very focused on eating real food, making it extremely high in nutrition, but making it fun, approachable, and not so scary.  All things I like.  They recently completed a road trip where they followed the principles in there “Whole 30″ program, which as they say is a “squeaky clean eating program designed to change your life in 30 days.”  I’m not big on classifying foods as “clean” or “dirty”, but it’s terminology that’s widely understood and accepted, so I’m cool with it and use it myself.  Anyhow, they documented their experiences with traveling and eating well, and I especially liked the “What’s in Your Cooler?” post.  Just goes to show where’s there’s a will, there’s a way to eat well.  So suck it up, buttercup, quit complaining, and figure out a way to get it done.

Also on the Whole 9 is a post from Melissa where I was laughing, shaking my head and saying “Thank Goodness there is common sense left in the world!”  Read it, it’s worth the minutes out of your life.  Then indulge in some carrots.

The Carrot Train to Crazytown

On the Celiac Front:

  • Dr. Steven Wangen, author of Healthier Without Wheat, wrote a great post on the difficulties of determining food sensitivities.  Since many of us have more than one sensitivity, I found this very helpful and interesting.  I’ve had many people write and ask me-”I’m not eating gluten and I still feel terrible.”  Many times, other sensitivities can be the culprit.  Read the article for more information from Dr. Wangen.
  • The Healthy Skeptic posted an article on the relationship between the gut and thyroid function.  As you may know, thyroid dysfunction, specifically Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is commonly found in those with celiac disease.  He covers some of the “whys” behind that connection.

On the general nutritional front:

  • Lyle McDonald did a research review on the study: Obesity and Physical Inactivity: The Relevance of Reconsidering the Notion of Sedentariness.  Basically, the importance of general activity during the day in addition to organized exercise is highlighted.  In other words, 30-60 minutes of exercise, even daily, does not make up for the hours spend sitting on our butts.  Also, interestingly, is the idea that intense thinking can mess up blood glucose levels since the brain does have to rely on glucose for fuel.  So not only does sitting on your butt keep you from moving, but sitting on your butt thinking intensely (like, I don’t know, maybe WORK!) can give a double whammy.  Which is why I’m really happy that my treadmill desk (for reals-with room for a monitor, mouse, and the whole 9-see-it’s a great term!) will be ready for me to start using this week.  Big thanks to Jeff my amazing creative taller half.  I will be posting pictures for sure when it’s up and running.

And just for an Atta Girl:

  • Wendy at Celiacs in the House has been doing a 30 days to get healthier challenge in honor of her 50th birthday.  She is doing awesome, kicking butt and taking names.  I am very pleased and proud to be involved with her project.  Go check out her progress and read over the posts for some great information!

Until next week!  For more reading to tide you over, check out Gluten Free and Fit 101.  Also, there’s a new podcast that will be posted on Wednesday, so keep your eyes (and ears!) open.

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