About Me

Erin ElbersonMy name is Erin Elberson Lyon. Educationally, I hold my Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor’s in Health Science, as well as having passed (with 100%!) the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness GREAT testing (Gluten Free Resource, Awareness and Education Training) for Allied Health Professionals. More importantly, I have celiac disease and am an advocate of good nutrition and sound fitness habits to improve quality of life and health.

Gluten Free Fitness was born to assist and educate people in how to make impactful and positive choices for nutrition and lifestyle.

I also have experience being on the “other side of the table” so to speak when it comes to injury. I have had 5 surgeries on my left knee, and 4 on my right knee. I underwent bilateral (both) autologus chondrocyte implantation in April 2006. Basically, a patch and spackle job to the underside of both kneecaps. I was in a wheelchair for 2 months, and crutches for about 2 more, total about 1 year of rehab. I am much better now, and feel that overcoming the obstacles I did allow me to recognize the obstacles we all face and help others overcome them. I am also an amateur Figure competitor, and love sparkly suits and 5″ heels.  One of my goals after my surgery was to step onstage again, and I achieved that goal. Most recently in 2011, I underwent additional surgery to repair cartilage to my right knee. It is an ongoing journey for me, and I share my path with you. It is not necessarily the right path, but it is a path that continues to evolve with each item that I learn.

I will not judge your personal decisions.  I am not the food police.  I simply advise and educate.

There are many people whose work I respect in the field, and have learned from many. This is not “THE BEST DIET INFO EVAH!!! (TM)”, simply common sense and straightforward information. I believe in Bruce Lee’s famous theory of accepting and using what is useful and rejecting what is not. I am constantly learning, and so if I learn something that causes me to change my mind on a given topic, I will do so. I reserve the right to learn, grow, admit that I can be wrong and change my mind.

I am proud and honored to be an ambassador for NOW Foods, a company whose products I have used for many years and who always have very clear labeling for any potential allergens.

Gluten Free Fitness is here to provoke thought about how you eat and how you live, to help you live and feel better.  And to have fun while doing it.

I look forward to hearing from you, so please write your thoughts at the end of posts,  shoot me an email, (erin at gluten free fitness dot com) and/or use the contact page.  There are no wrong answers.

Thanks-eat well and be well!



I am not a doctor, nor do I play a doctor on television. This information is simply for educational purposes. Please seek medical advisement from your personal physician if you have any issues.