Easy Protein Source: Cottage Cheese

Growing up, I never enjoyed cottage cheese, and that’s the kind way of putting it. I didn’t understand how anyone could take pleasure in a white, chunky, oddly salty, mystery clump kind of thing.

Despite years of cottage cheese abstinence, however, I finally decided to give it a chance after hearing about its muscle-friendly nutrient content. Besides, every able bodybuilder was eating it.

You couldn’t be cool unless you tried it. You know the deal. So now, here I am, advocating cottage cheese on site. Who could’ve guessed?
Why You Should Eat it

Cottage cheese is an ideal nighttime or between-meals protein source because it is rich in casein. Unlike whey protein, casein sits in the stomach for a much longer period of time (some report up to 7, even 8 hours at night), consequently making for significantly slower digestion and a steady release of amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which, in turn, are the building blocks for muscle mass. In addition, calcium, the primary basis for dairy’s significant fat-burning potential, is also found in reasonable amounts. Although you can definitely purchase casein protein powder as an alternative, cottage cheese is an excellent whole-food source to add to your diet.

cottage cheese

When You Should Eat it

As briefly mentioned, cottage cheese is a great choice of food before going to bed. It facilitates an environment where precious muscle and additional muscle growth is not hindered at night, this usually due to a lack of protein and other necessary nutrients. You may have heard that sleep is one of the most overlooked precursors to packing on muscle mass; take advantage of this time with cottage cheese. You can also eat cottage as a snack between meals for the same reason. Don’t stop flooding those needy muscles with amino acids.

How You Should Eat it

There’s no “correct” way to eat cottage cheese as long as you’re eating it, but if you’re like me and can’t stand it alone, here are some simple ways to enjoy this muscle fuel:

1) Take a tablespoon of all-natural protein and mix it in. This not only adds additional protein, but healthy unsaturated fats to promote more fat loss as well.

2) Sprinkle cottage cheese with pepper. I always viewed this as the most disgusting way to eat cottage cheese, until I tried it! It’s now one of my favorite ways to cottage cheese.

3) Cut up fruit to dip or mix fruit in. If you’re going to eat cottage cheese with fruit, I recommend eating it sometime in the morning to make sure that the dextrose (sugar) in the fruits is expended for energy. My personal favorites are blueberries or peach slices.

eat cottage cheese

Concluding Remarks

If you’re looking for more whole foods to aid in your quest of putting on strength and muscle mass, cottage cheese is for you. If you’re trying to lose weight or get leaner by way of a high-protein diet, cottage cheese is also for you. If you just want another healthy snack, guess what, cottage cheese is for you too. One thing to note is that cottage cheese is usually high in sodium. If you’ve got the extra cash, go for an organic, low-sodium tub for more healthy fats and less sodium!