Effective Weight Loss Supplements

There are five simple remedies one can take for weight loss.


One can consume 1 tbsp. of vinegar three times a day with water.

The best vinegar to buy is organic apple cider vinegar. There is a link to buy this stuff on this article- use code (TEP158) for a $5.00 discount. For more information you can buy, the book “Apple Cider Vinegar: The Miracle Health System,” by Paul C. Bragg.

The second

Supplement to use is the herb called fennel.

It makes a great tea for weightless and can be eaten with salads. Fennel also has many uses as a seasoning in cooking. It is indigenous to the Mediterranean. Fennel goes great with ginger as a digestive tea. Fennel can also be used in sauces, omeletes, and stuffings.



Many people benefit from coffee enemas.

Enemas clear a lot of waste out of the colon that doesn’t get removed normally. Although many people have hang ups and joke about enemas; they really do make a difference in your health. The ancient Egyptians used enemas for longevity. See the external link for more information and products that you can purchase.


Another product is acai.

This delicious berry is consumed by many Hollywood celebrities in drinks or smoothies. This an amazing fruit found in Brazil; the indigenous peoples have used this fruit for many generations. Acai helps you maintain a healthy cholesterol level and gives you energy. Acai also helps your digestion therefore helping your metabolism. Acai’s metabolism boosting abilities hasten fat loss.

delicious berrys


Is the well known green tea.

A delicious Japanese beverage consumed in tea ceremonies. It speeds up your metabolism, therefore burning food more efficiently as well as fat. It can be made hot or can be drunk as a cold beverage. Green tea helps your mind think more clearly and helps you stay focused as well. It is an energizing tea. Matcha is recommended to be some of the finest green tea available.

It is made from the youngest leaves during the harvesting season. Matcha is a powdered form of green tea from the same leaves as black tea; but the leaves are kept unfermented. Matcha tea is composed of polyphenols, which are a rich broth of powerful antioxidants. Green tea owes its existence to a monk from 12th century Japan coming back from a trip to China. Matcha is a green tea that has no bitter taste.