Health & Wellness

I have always been a strong advocate of health and wellbeing but I believe that it is
fundamentally wrong to bash people over the head because they’re slightly over-weight
or even obese. Like many people I have watched a fair number of these so-called health
experts on TV – the most notorious in the UK being Gillian McKeith.
McKeith believed that giving herself the title of “Dr”, despite never having attended
medical school in her life, gave her qualification enough to dispense advice to people

with weight issues.

I am writing this to give some helpful advice and words of encouragement – whether you
take it or not is completely up to you. One method may not work for everyone.

1. If you are looking to lose weight the worst thing you could do is diet – it is my
belief that this does not work. You simply need to alter the way in which you eat
and the portions you give yourself. Healthy eating is the key to losing weight – I have
found that having a high fibre cereal for breakfast, a balance of carbs and protein at
lunch time, and a high protein but low carb meal for dinner is the best way forward.

e.g. Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: Pasta Salad
Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry (no rice)
Snack: Bannana / Carrot sticks.fruits

Using this method of healthy eating is ideal by itself but if you want to effectively lose
weight then I recommend an exercise plan alongside it.

2. Without exercise it is very difficult to lose weight. Ladies take note – I am not saying
this to be sexist but it is well known that many of you assume that you can lose weight
simply through following ridiculous, unfeasible diets.

There are many ways to exercise to aid weight-loss and this does not mean restricting yourself
to a gym schedule – again this does not work for everyone. I myself am not an advocate of gyms
as I prefer to exercise in the fresh air. Please see below for examples of excellent methods
to aid weightloss:

* Running (you might want to consider integrating this with your commute to work)
* Swimming
* Aqua Aerobics
* Exercise Classes (e.g. Step Aerobics, Boxercise, etc)
* Join a gym
* Cycling (you might want to consider integrating this with your commute to work)
* Walk to work
* Take up Golf
* Take up squash
* Join your company or your local football (soccer) team
* Look for a local club and take up a water-sport such as kayaking or canoeing (my personal sports)
Many clubs are very welcoming to beginners and it is a fun and exciting sport to get involved in.

Join a gym

I recommend attempting to do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week or more.

3. Self-belief and determination. These can be difficult attributes to achieve if you are not a naturally
confident person. However, help is always at hand. If you have a partner, friend or colleague looking to
lose weight why not join forces to help encourage each other? Alternatively you could consider a Personal
Trainer – these guys can prove expensive but they will push you to your limits and help encourage you to
fulfill whatever you’re attempting to do – whether losing weight, getting fitter or training for a marathon.

I know how daunting it can seem when trying to lose weight but with the right balance of all the elements mentioned above you can achieve your goals.