How to : Get Those Abs

The turkey and the cake, the wine and the barbecue, the lazing in the pool and watching all those movies at night happy memories that pass so fast, leaving in their wake, tummies that last. As you trudge your way to the office, the weight of all your New Year resolutions added to the already bloated belly that you sport, the nearing summers and swimsuits seem your worst nightmare. adparams getadspec.

Vacations are necessary and getting back in shape after vacations is even more necessary. To that end all that you need to do is to follow some basic steps to a healthier new year.

1. You need to re start whatever exercise you were doing before you went vacationing again. The first few days will be tough, but if you pass the acid test, you will be surprised how well your body will respond to your workouts.


2. The urge to continue gorging will not decrease. But you will do yourself a world of good if you eat regularly, but eat less. This will ensure that your body will be fueled with just the right amount of nutrition from time to time and this in turn will control the increase of fats in your body.

3. As you eat from time to time, you must remember to avoid all fats and have a diet that consists primarily of carbohydrates and proteins. Proteins should be had depending on how heavy your workouts are.

4. Next, this is tough, but inevitable. You will have to cut down on all the fatty, sugary food at least for the time being. In fact you must decide to remove all “white” foods from your diet, namely white flour, white rice, white sugar and white potatoes.

5. You will do well to remember the saying Breakfast like a prince, Lunch like a king and dine like a pauper. Take care to see to it that you dine at least three hours before you sleep.

6. A very good remedy is to observe a hot water day. On that particular day, you have to drink lukewarm, drinkable water all day long. Drinking hot water stimulates the digestive juices in your stomach and this in turn helps, both in digestion of the food in your stomach and cleaning your intestines. You will be amazed at the stuff your body has been hoarding.


7. Drink lots of water, very regularly. Strictly avoid all colas and beverages. Eat lots of fruits and nuts very regularly. All this will help further in decreasing constipation and hence having a better digestion.

8. Finally, open a spreadsheet and note down all your measurements and your targets. Make it a point to update it every week, till you achieve what you set out too.

Finally, it is important to remember that there is no substitute to hard work. Decide, determine and follow the routine you have created for yourself tirelessly with complete dedication. The results will definitely follow discipline and hard work.