The Hazards of Careless Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping at your local supermarket can be potentially hazardous to your health. Just take a look at most of the shopping carts the next time you go food shopping. People stock up on foods that have multiple ingredients, most of which they can’t pronounce.

If you can’t pronounce it, how do you really know what you’re eating? Serious planning and thoughtful choices must be made to ensure the dietary needs of you and you’re family are being met.

Following the new food pyramid doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be getting the nutrition your body truly needs. A lot also depends on your cultural background.

What’s considered a vegetable in your house might be a starch to the neighbors down the street. The best method is to eat a variety of minimally processed foods. Here’s a good rule of thumb. When looking at a list of ingredients, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it.

fruit or vegetable

Add one new fruit or vegetable to your diet every week or two. For instance if you’ve never tried lychees, bok choy or a papaya. Try it introducing it to your family as a surprise. Try eating by color. Make it a challenge to see if you can eat five different colored fruits or vegetables at least once a day.

If buying organic is too, try this little technique. Fill your sink half way with water and a bit of dish liquid. Wash and rinse all fruits and vegetables thoroughly. This takes care of almost 90% of pesticides found on fresh produce.

As much as possible eat only what’s in season. You’ll save money, get better tasting produce and won’t overload on any one thing. Eating seasonally also gets you more in tune with natures rhythms.

Now, if you live in Iowa how do you know if papayas or mangoes are in season? Just look around. At certain times of year you’ll notice an many more suppliers are carrying the same thing at a reduced price.


Cut out or cut down on sodas, even the diet ones. The FDA allows food manufactures to say a product has zero calories if it has 5 calories or less. Everything we eat has calories. Don’t fall for clever marketing practices. Switch to fruit juices.

Finally, here are few tips to make your trip to the grocery store smoother. Use a shopping list whenever you go to the supermarket. Avoid the middle isles. Most of the good stuff is along the sides. Just think of where the produce is and work you way around the store.

Following this advice should help you significantly improve you diet, nutritional intake and overall well being.