GFF and Wellness Podcast 4- Part 3 of 3- Interview With Shelly Stuart Gluten Free RN

In the final part of this three part interview, Erin talks to Registered Nurse and celiac, Shelly Stuart. They discuss the gluten filled and gluten free food alternatives,why gluten free processed foods aren’t always the best option, and they also talk about their hopes for the future regarding celiac testing and living a healthy, gluten free life.
So If you have been following the episodes so far then you don’t want to miss this final chapter of the Shelly Stuart interview. If you haven’t, why not take a listen to the previous podcasts for even more useful information from this well versed and extremely knowledgeable individual.

Show Notes

Gluten Free Fitness and Wellness Podcast-Episode 4. Part 3 of 3 with Gluten Free RN Shelly Stuart

In this podcast we discuss several approaches to eating in a gluten free diet, the potential nutritional pitfalls and benefits. We also discuss and debunk the idea that eating gluten free has to be expensive.


Gluten Free Food-Does it Have to be Expensive?

Nutritional Deficiencies in the Gluten Free Diet

Peter Bronski “I’m Deficient, You’re Deficient, We’re all Deficient”

part 2

Shelly Case’s Book: Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide- Expanded and Revised Edition

-Prepare ahead for healthy gluten free eating success

-Eat more for less

More from Shelly:

In the podcast, I mentioned that I feel better eating grain-free. This
is likely due to a sensitivity or food intolerance to some of the
gluten-free (GF) grains. Testing for food sensitivities and allergies
(through a naturopathic physician or allergist) may help to identify
which grains are causing a reaction, so that I’m not needlessly
avoiding safe foods. If you think you may be having a reaction to some
GF grains, consider screening for allergies and sensitivities to
clarify which grains may be responsible for your symptoms.

I encourage everyone to have their symptoms thoroughly investigated by
their MD and specialists before implementing a therapeutic diet or
making any changes. As well, I recommend waiting until CD/gluten
sensitivity testing is complete before initiating a gluten-free diet
because it may create a false negative. Consult your MD, Registered
Dietitian, or other medical specialists involved in your care to
determine if nutrient supplements should be taken and to identify
appropriate dosages for you. Toxicities can occur with over
supplementation and this can lead to permanent damage. A Registered
Dietitian can also provide guidance to ensure all nutritional needs
are met.



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I’m Deficient, You’re Deficient, We’re All Deficient?

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Part 2:

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  2. Tom says:

    It’s amazing how many millions of people are gluten intolerant and have symptoms for year and years and yet go undiagnosed.. People really need to get more educated about gluten and digestive disorders.

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