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The idea of living gluten free can be a challenging undertaking. Add to that the challenge of eating healthfully, and you may need a bit of guidance to make life easier.

With that in mind, here are some resources to get you started:

Click below for a  free, downloadable PDF of “5 Tips for Living Gluten Free and Fit.”

5 Tips for Living Gluten Free and Fit

Here is Gluten Free Fitness in the media:  Webinar, newspaper insert, and handout developed in conjunction with the NFCA

I’ve now divided up articles into “Gluten Free and Fit Lifestyle” and “Gluten Free Athletics/Fitness and Supplementation.” All the articles will be helpful, but that is to give just a bit more guidance for what you may be most interested in.

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Gluten Free and Fit Lifestyle 101

The Easiest way to eat a Healthy Gluten Free Diet

The Magic Bullet for a Healthy Gluten Free Life Is….

Preparing Ahead for Healthy Gluten Free Eating Success

Eating more for less-deconstruction of two eating styles

Gluten Free “diet” versus lifestyle

Nutrient Absorption Issues in Celiac Disease and What to do About It

Is Celiac Disease a Blessing in Disguise?

Top 5 gluten free complex carbohydrate sources

Top 10 portable gluten free healthy snacks

How to Eat Safely & Gluten Free Anywhere (Even Without a Gluten Free Menu)

Eating Healthfully and Flavorfully Gluten Free

The Tale of the Clear Heels – Setting Goals, Roadblocks and Success

Gluten Free Athletics/Fitness and Supplementation 101

Interview on BodySport Radio on Living Gluten Free and Celiac Disease

Gluten Free Protein Powder Reviews

Celiac Disease/Gluten Free Diet and Weight Management
Part 1
Part 2-physical and psychological impact on weight management
Part 3-how to lose weight on a gluten free diet
Part 4-how to gain weight on a gluten free diet
Part 5

Non Celiac Athletes Going Gluten Free-Is there a Performance Benefit? Part 1

Non-Celiac Athletes Going Gluten Free Part 2

Dairy Free/Gluten Free Protein Powder 101

Supplements for the Gluten Free Athlete-Glutamine Edition

Gluten Free and Dairy Free- Gemma and Rice Protein Powder

Exercise and Celiac Disease-why it’s important!

Calories Do Count-part 1-the burn

Calories Do Count part 2-expenditure versus intake

Top 10 misconceptions about getting fit and healthy

Gluten Free Fueling Options for Endurance Athletes

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