Product Review-Jessica’s Natural Foods Gluten Free Granola

Jay at the Gluten Free Post was kind enough to refer Jessica to me. As a lover of food and health, they thought it would
be appropriate to give this a go. Jessica sent me samples of all 3 flavors to try. And they are GOOD! But allow me to step back a bit…

Jessica’s Natural Foods offers 3 flavors of gluten free granola. They are made with certified gluten free oats and oat flour, and other naturally gluten free foods such as ground flax, coconut, honey, maple syrup, vanilla, and nuts, dried cherries, and chocolate chips. The products are baked in a designated gluten free area using dedicated gluten-free equipment. They are manufactured in a facility that processes eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. The vanilla maple and almond cherry flavors contain tree nuts, and the chocolate chip flavor contains tree nuts and soy ingredients. There are no artificial flavors/colors/trans fats.

Looking at the ingredient list on all the flavors, there are all words you will understand and your great great grandma would have recognized as food. The nutrition facts are essentially similar and quite good for all 3 flavors:
for 1 serving, which is 30 grams or 1/4 cup:
130 calories
6-7 grams of fat
16 grams of carbohydrate 2 of which are fiber and 4-5 of which are sugar
3 grams of protein.

This could be a nice topping to some greek yogurt for breakfast, or even some egg whites (they can be sweet as
well as savory, you know.) They also can be eaten out of hand as a snack, or in rice/moo cow/goat/soy/almond whatever milk suits your fancy. I would definitely recommend NOT eating directly from the bag. This is fairly nutrient dense, and 1/4 cup is not a lot. This tastes so good, it would be very easy to eat 5-6 servings without thinking twice about it. And
then you’re looking at 600 calories you weren’t expecting. That’s a big whoops. So eat and enjoy, just be mindful of you
portion size.

Now-the good stuff. The taste. The flavor. The textures.

Chocolate Chip-this one is my favorite because anything with chocolate generally wins in my book. The chips are plentiful, but not to where they overpower the rest of the granola. There are great chunks of granola, well incorporated with all the ingredients.

Cherry Almond-I love cherries, and I admit that I went spelunking in the bag to retrieve some the the dried cherries. There are chunks of almond as well, and good spicing with cinnamon.

Vanilla Maple-Love the maple flavor. This was really well balanced, the maple flavor was forward but not overwhelming.

All 3 of these flavors were winners and I will buy them in the future. The granola does have some chunkiness to it, which
was a plus for me. I don’t like the granolas that are all broken up in dust. Nutritionally these are a sound addition to your diet repetiore, and provide some healthy fats and complex carbs with minimal sugars. I would add a protein source to create a complete snack or meal. And definitely, as I mentioned, measure out your portion. If you don’t think measuring is important, take a look at this video. (For more ideas on putting together a nutrition plan sign up below for my free guideline.)

Please visit Jessica’s Natural Foods website for more information and how to order. She is offering a special “gluten free granola sampler pack” for which you can try all 3 flavors. Give them a try!

Let me know your feedback in the comments! Get crunching!

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